What are antenatal/parent-craft classes?

Antenatal classes are designed to prepare you for childbirth. Also called parent-craft classes, they show you practical techniques such as relaxation, breathing and postures for labour and birth, baby-care and breastfeeding etc.

Who conducts these classes?

At George's they are conducted by the Matrons.

Who's present in the class?

The class comprises of a group of expectant mothers (not necessarily first time mums) and sometimes fathers. In addition, there is an experienced midwife who runs the class.

What is the duration of these classes?

These classes are split into six to eight 2 weekly sessions and each session last 1hour.

When is it a good time to start these classes?

Unfortunately the parent-craft classes are not scheduled with just your pregnancy in mind and they are run in batches from time to time. You will need to contact the centre to find out their time table.

Do I have to pay for the antenatal classes?

No, there are no additional fees for antenatal classes

Where do I get information about these classes?

From the Matron or any of the Midwives

Do I need to reserve a place in advance?

Yes, preferably. This helps with planning

Are these classes useful?

Yes, indeed. They provide the following benefits:
  • help discuss problems that you may be experiencing
  • provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere for discussion
  • you get an opportunity to learn from experiences of others
  • teach techniques of childbirth
  • provide information on pain relief in labour
  • prepare you for the delivery
  • prepare you for parenthood by discussing babycare
  • discuss your own health after the birth.
  • discuss emotions surrounding pregnancy. birth and the early post natal period.
  • provide an opportunity to meet other prospective parents