Why do we need donor eggs?

Some women are unable to produce their own eggs. This might be because they have gone through the menopause early – as young as 30. Some of our patients have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer which has left them infertile. Other women have genetic conditions which they do not want to pass on to their children. Unless a donor comes forward we are unable to help them.

Who can donate?

You should be under 34 years of age, in good health, preferably having had your own family and with no history of genetic disorders.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. Donor and recipient never meet. 

What is involved?

Donating eggs requires commitment. There are daily injections – which we can train you to do – and you will need to come in to George's Memorial Medical Centre probably 3 or 4 times for ultrasound scans and blood tests. At the appropriate time, eggs are collected by a simple procedure.

Egg sharing provides IVF treatment for infertile couples who are prepared to share some of their eggs.

Who can share eggs?

You must be under 34 years of age, with an FSH (blood hormone level) of less than 8. You should have no serious genetic problems or a history of ovarian disease or surgery.

Is it anonymous?

Yes - donors and recipients never meet.

What is involved?

Egg sharers go through a standard IVF treatment. However, there are extra blood tests to screen for disorders. When you reach the stage of egg collection, the eggs are shared equally between the egg sharer and the recipient.

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